Tihel industry co., ltd., is a professional production, research and development vending machine' company, offering a wide selection of vending machines to the world, our employees  have over 10 years of experience manufacturing  top-quality vending machine. Deer vending operates plant area is 10,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility located in Huadong town, Guangzhou of China, near to Guangzhou airport.

Tihel vending is providing a "One Stop Shop" solution for our client who are looking for that perfect and turnkey business, we also thinking all of goods can be sold by our vending machine. Guangzhou deer machinery co., ltd. are exports the vending machines to global market many years, our customers are most of them from international industrial enterprises. In fact, our company has been well known for many years in the world, we have established sales relationship in Western  Europe, Eastern Europe and North America etc.

Tihel Industry co.,ltd . has been responsible for the highest quality, affordable equipment. our dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction means that you can continue to rely on us far into the future.

Guangzhou deer machinery main production facility: punching machine, drilling machine, casting machine, milling machine, lathe etc.

Cooperate with PEPSI (7 UP)

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