Huchuang their morphological characteristics have cross-bed "and" rope bed, "said. Sui said the "cross bed", because The Sui Gaozu intended to avoid the word "Hu", artifacts involving "Hu" word, salty make corrections. Song. Tao clear differences were recorded "cloud:" Huchuang facilities turn off to pay the full amount, wearing a bandage to content to sit, turn shrink even for a moment, not the number of pounds of weight. According to legend, the Ming imperial line Fortunately frequency division multiplexing, from Chen Hu Jia, For interest rates no to Send body, then the creativity that was called 'Happy sit'. Huchuang no backrest, shaped like the Mazar children are seeing today. Back before the Tang Dynasty. The This Happy sit might be with a backrest Huchuang. Huchuang first appeared in the Han Dynasty, several hundred years earlier than the Tang emperor, to say the the Tang emperor creative Obviously nothing wrong. Creative mentioned here should mean increased backrest. Huchuang prevalent in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Song Dynasty, particularly, but Song Dynasty said Huchuang diminished and called the top spot gradually increased.

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